Quantcast Canon 5D Mark III help!!

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    Default Canon 5D Mark III help!!

    Was recently hired at a job with no knowledge of cameras, and somehow I've turned into a 'DP' still with no knowledge of cameras.

    They gave me a Canon 5D Mark III to use and I've been shooting with it for 2 weeks but still have no idea really! (Also gave me a panasonic, will post in that forum too!

    My main question is, I have all these wireless mics and transmitter, yet the camera only has 1 mic slot. What are my options to ask the company to buy so I can hook up say 3-4 mics at the same time?

    Also, trying to put these files on a Quantel Edit server has been a nightmare. I originally shot in 1080 24 but that took hours to upload a 3 min piece of footage. So I then shot in 720 x 60 but it still does'nt work well.

    So another question is, does anyone have any idea how to compress these files w/o losing quality? Final cut pro tricks?

    Many questions here, but hell it's saturday, let's talk!


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    Default Re: Canon 5D Mark III help!!

    This not my area of expertise but I know that there are adapters that will enable you to hook up multiple mics to your 5D Mark III. Beachtek is one manufacturer.

    As to compressing video files I'm sure this can be done but I don't know what program you'd need to do it.
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