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    Default Is raw necessary?

    I was shooting in Yosemite and it was a normal day no harsh shadows or bright highlights.My question is is it necessary to shoot raw in a situation like that.Shooting raw to me would be for tricky lighting subjects.Does shooting raw increase detail or resolution as oppose to jpeg.I would rather shoot with jpeg rather than raw.Raw creates to big of a file.What do you say?

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    Most cameras that shoot in raw give you the option of taking a simultaneous raw and jpeg photo. When compare them on your computer you should be able to tell if there's a substantial enough improvement in raw to make it worthwhile for you.
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    Of course this depends on how fussy you are. Greater DR is just one of the advantages of RAW. Another is the absence of compression. Examine a clear blue sky very closely in a JPG image and you will detect a faintly mottled effect. Where the same sky tones in RAW are smoother (until it is converted to JPG). Links to more articles on RAW -

    RAW vs. JPEG: Who wins? | PhotoNaturalist

    RAW vs JPEG (JPG) - The Ultimate Visual Guide

    RAW vs JPEG

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    I am not sure. I shoot mainly AUTO and do well with it.



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