Over the past several years, I've reviewed a number of Pentax DSLRs for this website, including their K-30, K-50, K-5II and, most recently, the K-3. These Pentax DSLRs have impressed as being feature-rich cameras at attractive price points, partially because most of them offer weather sealing at MSRPs hundreds of dollars less than competitive brands. But while doing the K-5II review it was another feature that caught my eye - when equipped with an optional Pentax O-GPS1 unit, the K-5II offered a capability known as Astrotracer. When enabled, Astrotracer utilizes the Pentax in-body camera stabilization system to move the camera's sensor during lengthy exposures so as to mimic the earth's rotation and capture celestial objects such as stars and planets as points of light rather than elongated trails. As Mr. Spock might say, "fascinating".

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