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  1. advika
    Knowledge is the power.
  2. gaingekailan
    hey I'm new here
  3. nichole bruins
    nichole bruins
    Hi, im new to photography. An i am trying to learn as much as i can. So i have lots of questions and need your help. Some times! Thank You!
  4. Siddharth Kumar Sharma
    Siddharth Kumar Sharma
    Beginner in DSLR Photography.
  5. Henri bartows
    Henri bartows
    My camera will not shut off stays always open with the logo only on screen.
  6. James Smith
    James Smith
  7. Abu
    Just got a pentax k2000 am having difficulty setting photos to be saved on the SD card, any help out there?
  8. cmdesign
    cmdesign Fee42
    Hi. I have a Canon 350D and I'm getting a busy message when I try to import into Adobe Lightroom. Would you know how to fix this by chance? I saw where you''ve gotten this message too. Did you find a solution?
  9. nikon user
    nikon user
    flash doesn't work. Tried several settings, and went to default, but still not working
  10. nikon user
    nikon user
    Nikon coolpix p7000 camera flash not working.