Busybee, Jul 9, 2007
    • Wail
      Not my piece of cake .. somehow I find this picture a pain to look at! Don't ask me why, just yet, as I can't seem to pin point the cause of it ... but something about this isn't right.
    • Wail
      OK ... I kept looking at the picture and contemplating what is it that's bothering me ....

      1) There is too much bread in the picture. Some in focus and some out of focus!
      2) The sharp shadows add to the :p ....

      May I suggest you reduce, drastically, the amount of bread .. and use a bounce flash or a defuser for your flash to soften the shadows ... Also, if you'd taken one of the bread rolls, and just focused on the little bits on it?!

      Sorry to be very critical of the picture.... but seeing the other two you've just posted, I expected to see something a lot better ...

      Mind you, I love the "pink flower" BIG time.
    • Busybee
      Good suggestions, I'll consider them in the future.. I know am not good when it comes to taking pictures with flash. There was a little light in the restaurant and I had to use it. But you liked the others that is a progress I have done ;)
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