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    If I could give Nikon a negative number of stars for service and support I would. I bought a Nikon D7100 in the summer of 2013. I specifically bought this camera and Nikkor lenses to take with me to Africa as I was moving there. On my very first safari the camera malfunctioned (the focus was not working, manual or auto). And so I shipped it back to Nikon for repair, costing me $300 in shipping. I got it back in December! And was still having focus issues. So I called, I wrote to Nikon, I tried everything only to be told to send it back in again for repairs. This I did, thankfully at Nikon's expense. I received it back again in July. I came back to the US for my sisters wedding with my camera. Not trusting Nikon and their repair center any longer I took it to Peace Camera in Raleigh NC, a licensed Nikon retailer. They looked at it and told me it appeared the focus issue had indeed been fixed, however, the mount for the lenses was too tight and could cause issues with glass and mirrors and so I should send my camera in AGAIN for repairs. This means in the past year I have used the camera NEVER. I have ruined pictures of my first safari and now have no camera to capture my sisters wedding! I am beyond disappointed. I would seriously consider a different camera manufacturer, one with better customer service and support.

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    Sorry to hear of your terrible problems with your Nikon D7100. I'm glad you've made this information available to the readers of this forum.
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    So sorry for your loss of recording some special moments of your life. I was just going to buy a D7100. I am going to have to rethink this.



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