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    Default digital camera lifetime


    Is there any lifetime for a digital camera or a MAX number of pics that can be taken??????since i noticed a degradation in the photos quality in my sony digital camera.

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    Default Re: digital camera lifetime

    Nothing definite that I'm aware of. But, based on my experience, point and shoot digital cameras tend to last less than 10 years. I don't know about DSLR's.
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    A gradual degradation is a little unusual. Typically, when digital cameras fail, they fail completely. Is the lens clean? Otherwise, a gradual problem is likely moisture finding its way inside the camera. A camera kept in a clean dry environment will last longer.

    As a practical matter, point-and-shoot cameras are advancing so rapidly that most of us would cave into the temptation for those cool new features every 4 or 5 years anyways. The days of a "simple" camera are long behind us.

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    Default Re: digital camera lifetime

    Moisture is definitely a problem.

    My trusty Canon SD700 IS 6mp (great image quality) just started having problems after 6 years and well over 100,000 pictures.

    I used it inside a Canon underwater case in Hawaii several times a day for more than a week.

    Now the sensor doesn't turn on until I cycle through the display modes or turn on/off the camera. It still takes great pics after that though.

    So just keep your camera out of humid environments as much as possible and they can definitely last many years.



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