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    Default Retrieving Deleted Photos?

    In a recent newspaper article, it was stated that there are companies that can retrieve deleted photos from a memory card. Is that true? I thought that once deleted, they were gone forever. I once accidentally deleted all the photos on a card rather than the single photo I had intended to delete. Is this possible to retrieve?

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    Photos can be successfully retrieved from a memory card - however there is a catch. When you delete a photo, you really just tell the camera/computer to act like it isn't there. The actual bits in memory aren't changed to delete it (there is software you can get to actually delete them, but its usually completely unnecessary). Now, if you haven't taken new pictures that would have been written into the memory card in the space where the picture you want to recover was, its recoverable. But, if a picture gets put onto the memory card and occupies the space you want, then the picture is gone forever. There many different programs that can restore a memory card. I have played with PhotoRescue (Google for it), and found it satisfactory. You can also just search for "file recovery" of "image recovery" or similar to find more.
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    A free program which you can use, is Recuva. It's completely free, so you can use it right away.



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