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    Unhappy Pop Up Flash

    I have just purchased a Samsung NX 20 and for the life of me I can't get the pop up plash to 'pop up'. I have tried pushing the button hard, gently, with my tongue out, tongue in but it just won't pop up. It did pop accidently once so I know it will do it - just not when I want it to. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Pop Up Flash

    Page 79 of the manual says "To open the built-in flash, press the flash pop-up button. The flash does not fire when the built-in flash is closed, but automatically pops up and fires when you select Smart Flash, Auto, or Auto Red-eye."

    Apparently pressing the button doesn't cause the flash to pop up but only makes it possible for it to pop up automatically when your camera is set to Smart Flash, Auto or Auto Red-eye. So if the flash is set to the above settings, the camera will decide when the lighting conditions are low enough and the flash will then pop up and fire. If you don't want to use the flash under any condition, don't press the pop-up button.

    Very confusing, in my opinion.
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