Quantcast Any differences between an internal and external lens??

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    Default Any differences between an internal and external lens??

    I am just looking at buying the Sony W90/80 or T20. Both cameras seem to have exactly the same functions so I am leaning toward the T20 becuase I dropped my old camera on the lens which had an external lens and it broke it . I thought that the T20 could solve this to some extent as its lens is internal. Just wondering if anything is sacrified in having an internal lens opposed to an external one like on the W90.


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    Default Re: Any differences between an internal and external lens??

    Typically the internal lenses aren't as good because usually the light path has to be turned 90 degrees to hit the sensor. I'm not sure if the Sony's are like this. However, it is a sure thing that the internal lens is more complex than one that is allowed to extend out from the body. On the T20, the main purpose of the internal zoom mechanism is to keep the camera slim and sleek - there's no optical advantage.
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    Default Re: Any differences between an internal and external lens??

    Most of the internal lenses I have seen have are start at F3.5 which is 'slower' than most of the external lenses (typically F2.8). Basically, this refers to how much 'light' the camera can take in. In situations where the scene is brightly lit, there will be virtually no difference between internal or external lenses. However, during darker scenes (i.e. late afternoon or dawn), external lenses have an advantage because they don't as high of an ISO as internal lenses. Bearing in mind this will be dependant on power of the flash & how far away your subjects are.

    I used to own a Sony DSC-T9 and 9000+ photos later, I'd have to say if you're taking close pictures of people (i.e 2-4 & ~2m away) your pictures will turn out great @ night. Group photos however, will become nosier (due to ISO) but still fairly nice for 4"x6" prints. Day photos are pretty comparable to external lenses.

    I have dropped my camera while its been on and it just kept on working, so that's a plus. But ultimately it comes down to what you want the camera for, normal day photos + few night club shots, I don't think you'll really see much difference. If you want to see your photos at full resolution and are really worried about image quality and noise, I'd probably go for the external lens cameras.

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