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    Default Shooting Macros/Closeups with a Sony DSCHX 100V

    I seem tio have trouble shooting closeups ( of rocks, bugs, etc.) with my camera. I do not seem to have a scene setting for it, but when it works and I can focus on an object an icon of a tulip shows in the viewfinder. I also have both an AF Zoom and a MF Zoom. Can a nyone provide some advice?

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    Default Re: Shooting Macros/Closeups with a Sony DSCHX 100V

    Your camera has several different shooting modes - easy, intelligent auto, program, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, superior auto and more. Close macro shooting is possible with most, if not all modes. Your camera is probably set to intelligent auto, in which the camera will determine the proper scene mode to be used based on the shooting conditions of whatever it is you're focusing on. When intelligent auto concludes you're trying to take a picture of a close object it will switch to macro mode, signified by the tulip icon. Keep in mind that these macro shots can only be taken when the camera's lens is very close to the subject AND the camera is set to wide angle - no zoom.

    AF Zoom and MF Zoom are not required for macro shooting.

    If you want to take macro shots but it's difficult to bring the camera close to the subject, you can shoot from a distance and zoom in, though the picture may not look as good as the ultra-close macro shots I described above.
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    Default Re: Shooting Macros/Closeups with a Sony DSCHX 100V

    Buy a tripod/monopod.
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