Quantcast Sony A58 - Bracket Mode only taking 2 photos instead of 3

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    Default Sony A58 - Bracket Mode only taking 2 photos instead of 3

    G'day All,

    Seems like my last post didn't go through????

    I am pretty new to the SLR world and I have just purchased a Sony A58. I have been playing around with settings, reading the user manual and asking my friend Google a few questions.

    I like the Auto HDR feature but I'd also like to be able to process the images through software manually. I know you should be able to take 3 bracketed photos but I'm having a small issue with that.

    So I've tried to do it in Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Mode but I get a similar outcome. I choose the Bracket (Continous) and then press the shutter button but only 2 images are taken. I have noticed if I hold the shutter down It will take 3 but the camera pauses between the second and third shot.

    i'd be grateful if someone could give me some help with what settings I should have my A58 on to take 3 photos at different exposures.



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    Default Re: Sony A58 - Bracket Mode only taking 2 photos instead of 3

    According to the user manual there are two settings for bracketing, brk-c (continuous) and brk-s (single). When set to brk-c your camera will take three shots as long as you hold down the shutter. When set to brk-s you have to manually press the shutter three times to get the bracketing effect. When shooting in continuous mode (brk-c), it's normal for the camera to pause between the second and third shot. If that bothers you, shoot in single mode (brk-s).
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