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    Default Sensor size really matters?

    I own a Panasonic FZ35 for a few years. Recently I bought a Sony NEX-5T, since I noticed the sensor used in NEX-5T is about 10 times large as the sensor used by FZ35. I tried to compare two cameras. I tried low lights, near distance, far distance, etc. Most time I used a tripod with 2 or 10 seconds delay so that there was no hand movement involved. I tried automatic, P, A, S, M options. I was surprised that there were no noticeable differences between two sets of pictures. I even showed my co-workers those two picture sets (blindly). They also said the difference was minimal. Anybody here can help me how should I compare those two cameras, or just tell me the sensor size does not really matters and why. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Sensor size really matters?

    Try looking at the same image from both cameras at various ISO levels. You'll find that above 400 the large sensor of the NEX-5T produces much less noisy, more colorful and sharper images. Also take pictures with both cameras of high contrast situations and you'll find that the Sony's images will be less likely to look washed out in bright light and will pick up more detail in the shadows.
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    Default Re: Sensor size really matters?

    For closeup shots at wide aperture the NEX should give stronger background blur. Otherwise, this sounds like you are comparing JPG images. Getting the full benefit of an advanced sensor really needs RAW.

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