AC to DC Adapter for my Kodak Digital Camera. How many Amps or mAh should I get?

Discussion in 'Kodak (Eastman Kodak)' started by nordy, Sep 16, 2014.

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    I have this Kodak C663 Camera which has a DC Input, that can take power from an AC to DC Adapter.

    I'm thinking of getting an AC to DC Adapter (third party) since most of my photography is done indoors, and even the best batteries last only about a year.

    My retailer would like to know how many mAh or Amps the AC to DC adapter should be. There's nothing anywhere on the Camera, or the Manuals that says anything about the AC to DC Adapter, or even it's amperage.

    How many amps would I need for a camera like this? I know it's 3 Volts, but have no idea about the amperage.

    The camera uses 2 AA Batteries (1.5V*2=3V) and I currently use Sanyo's AA NiMh 2700mAh Batteries.

    For the adapter, how many amps should I get? Can you help?
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