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Discussion in 'What Camera Should I Buy?' started by reignbeau, Aug 27, 2014.

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    I know zero about cameras and do not own one. I'm probably the only person in the modern era who has been to both the Arctic and Antarctic and not even take a camera. That is how bad I am.

    Now I have thought I should get one. the aim would be to photograph wildlife - birds and mammals. Not landscapes or sunsets.

    I have the artistic skills of a knat and know as much about f-stops etc as your average reinforced concrete wall. So in other words it needs to simple - something i can point at - and use.

    but I do want semi-decent pics. I have tried a K-mart point and shoot but these really don't do justice (I guess if you knew what you were doing you could get pictures). I want to be able to see an owl in a tree and get a decent shot of it relatively easily.

    I probably need to acquire some skills - but I don't want to spend a fortnight readng a manual.

    Any ideas? Since I rarely use a camera and will likely forget it half the time - not super expensive - sort of midrange. What do you recomend?


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    For taking long range photos of wildlife you need a camera with a long zoom lens. If you don't want to spend time learning to use manual exposure controls you'd probably be content with one of the all-auto superzooms that many of the camera companies have. I particularly like the Canon SX510hs (30x zoom) and the newer Canon SX520hs (42x zoom) due to their superior image quality and performance, though Fuji and Nikon make good similar cameras.

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