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Discussion in 'What Camera Should I Buy?' started by Simple1DEA, Jan 31, 2016.

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    I would really love some buying advice for a digital interchangeable lens camera. I hope I'm not too vague with what I'm after. I'm not very literate with photography.

    Looking to spend around £500 (~ $700) though if there's an amazing value camera that's either cheaper or more expensive, please recommend. My max would be a around £1000.

    As for buying a lens I'm going for around ~£100, though I'm hoping to buy a camera that comes with a lens.

    Most important:

    -Shoot more than decent video. Not choppy like iphone video but clear and smooth.

    -Has to be as clear as possible (reduced noise) Clarity and detail are much more important than the resolution. Quick shutter speed would be good too so I can take lots of photos and so it will cancel out my shaky hands.

    -I want there to be some kind of effect to it, ie. film look. Not just plain photos. A certain look that can't be recreated in Photoshop.


    -I want my interior photos to look very good, so things like flares would be a nice touch. I also want my exterior shots to look great but I want my interiors to look amazing.

    -I'm very good at Photoshop so I will be editing photos but I want my photos to have more than enough detail and information to work with.

    -Varying zoom/perspective lens with it.

    -Varying exposure setting of course

    -I'm quite attracted to the aesthetic look of the actual camera eg the fujifilm

    One of my favourite photographers is Masashi Wukui and I noticed he uses relatively cheap cameras on his Flickr ie. Pentax K3. Would that be recommended? Right now I'm looking at the Olympus EM10 as a potential camera.

    Would be great if you can recommend around 3 cameras (ranked). I've had a look online at camera comparisons and I've noticed that some cheaper cameras can look better than more expensive ones but only certain shots. Can be quite difficult for me to pinpoint a camera that would be perfect for me. Thanks a lot of if you can help!
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    It's rare for me to shoot video, so I'm no expert. But as a very general rule Panasonic is tops for video, with Canon and Sony in 2nd place. Olympus is Ok for video. When I tried video with my old PL2 I had a very hard time finding a cheap way to convert the Oly codex to something suitable for Youtube. Newer Olympus models may be better at this. Links for ideas -

    Kelly Cook

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