Can I record still photos directly to computer hard disk?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Alex Ethridge, Jun 3, 2011.

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    I am contemplating the purchase of a Nikon DSLR in the 12-meg range, possibly a D90, if what I want to do is possible.

    I'm faced with a large project that will be much easier if I can record still photos directly to my PC's hard disk rather than to the camera's memory card. So, is there a way? If so, besides the camera, itself, (and the slide duping equipment) what will I need.

    In case it might matter, here's the project: I have approximately fifteen thousand personal 35mm slides that need to be converted. The conversion part is easy; it is the notations that make it so time-consuming.

    The details: The slides, stored in Carosel 140 trays, are in cardboard mounts on which are written copious notes as to dates, names, events, places, etc.

    I have two types of 35mm slide-to-digital conversion lenses designed specifically for converting 35mm mounted slides to digital. One attaches directly to the camera body and the other attaches to the front of a lens via the filter thread.

    I presently have a camcorder capable of a 14-meg still picture and I am satisfied with the conversions it is capable of, with one exception. Making the notes that must accompany each picture is an arduous, time-consuming job. After making digitals of any number of slides, I have to again look at the slides and match them to the digitals to enter the proper notes.

    If I had a camera that would record directly to the PC's hard disk, the entering of notes to match each file name would be easy as the notes for that slide could be entered as each name appeared in Windows Explorer.

    Thanks for reading and any suggestions.
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