Can't Install Easyshare Software

Discussion in 'Kodak (Eastman Kodak)' started by liberty69, Jun 12, 2009.

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    Re: Can't get pictures off camera

    hello dj music130,
    please could you give me information , in fact to help me if you know what have i do if i want to instale driver for easyshare z 730 ?
    Concretly i dowloaded "z730install_easyshare" but when i try to open it after a few second always appears message :

    "Kodak share was unable to finish your tasks (Error code 11x90x8)
    Would you like to go on-line to look for solution ?"

    Bu when i choose solution "yes it driwe me away somewhere...i don't know...

    I use OS windows 2000.

    Thanx for kind answer and help (if you know for solutyion, of course)


    Alex , Rotterdam


    By the way please explein me what have i to do if i want to post new topic , acualy i want to put this my problem on the forum, maybe somebody could give me some sugestion
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