Cany Sony camera folders be restored if deleted

Discussion in 'Sony' started by paulmarcw, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Re: Can Sony camera folders be restored if deleted

    Late last month, I carelessly formatted the memory card of my Sony DSLR camera. All the photos on the card were gone. I was very desperate, and I suppose I only have myself to blame. When I calmed down later, I decided to go online and see if there are ways to recover the lost photos. So I searched for “Sony photo recovery” on Google. I can’t believe that a lot of people also encountered the same problem. According to the experiences shared by many friends online, I successfully recover all the lost photos from my memory card.

    Although paulmarcw have solved the problem, I still want to share some of my experiences:
    1) Data recovery tools are usually divided into two categories: picture recovery software and data recovery software. The former can only recover pictures, videos and audio files; the latter is more comprehensive, in addition to images, videos and audio files, it can also recover documents, compressed files, mail, database, and more.
    2) Do not buy any data recovery tools, unless it has found the missing files.
    3) Find out the file formats your lost files. Carefully read the software documentation to confirm whether it can recover the file types of your lost files.
    4) Once lost digital camera files, you should stop shooting any photos or video files immediately. Also, do not write new files to the memory card. This is to avoid missing files be overwritten by new files. Once the missing files are overwritten, they completely disappeared (unrecoverable).
    Good luck to all of you!
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