Casio EXILIM EX-Z750 First Thoughts

Discussion in 'Digital Camera News' started by Howard Creech, Jun 13, 2005.

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    The Casio EXILIM EX-Z750 is a sexy seven-megapixel digicam small enough to be dropped in a shirt pocket and tough enough to go just about anywhere. It's Casio's top of the line ultra compact, but tiny high-resolution digicams are as common as budget deficits these days, so why should consumers consider the Z750 over competing units from Nikon, Canon, and other major manufacturers? Because the Z750 is fun, it's also surprisingly well designed, remarkably versatile, and capable of genuinely impressive performance (it reminds me of the classic little Rollei 35S).


    The EX-Z750 features a 3X zoom, a 2.5" LCD screen, an incredibly broad range of exposure options (full auto, Program, 30 scene modes, aperture priority AE, shutter priority AE, and full manual operation). The Z750 also has very good battery life, it is very fast, and it's almost infinitely tweakable. If all that isn't enough users can edit their images (post exposure) in-camera.

    We'll have afull review ofthis camera within a few weeks, so keep checking back. Below are a couple sample images.

    Pros: excellent image quality, tough ultra-compact all metal body, large LCD screen, fast and responsive, very good battery life

    Cons: images are slightly over-saturated, the full camera manual is on CD-ROM (PDF file) and the printed quick start guide is virtually useless



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