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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by deslexia, Aug 21, 2015.

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    Being of the older Minolta SRT generation , I grew up with an SLR with excellent 50mm F1.7 .
    Initially I bought a Pentax K10D to use manual lenses I have just recently extended the Pentax with a pair of cheap and cheerful Silver 35-80 and 80-200 lenses which are perfectly adequate for my predominantly snapshot preferences . .
    I was then seduced by the most basic Sony A290 to use my AF Rokkors adding to this a Sony A35 with 35mm f1.8 .
    Sony however , have given up on both DSLRs and the hybrid models with EVF, which is an annoyance .
    I can't get on with screen focusing of interchangeable lens compacts - finding the screen to be too dark in bright sun .
    I would love to update my system , but it appears that it would have to be Pentax or a complete change to Canon or Nikon - and who knows if the DSLR is becoming extinct !
    Does anyone here actually prefer a DSLR ?
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    I've been spoiled by Auto Focus, rarely use MF anymore. The Sony a6000 has lots of fans, includes a small EVF that can be used for MF. Dunno how well the adapters work for the old Pentax and Sony SLR lenses.

    I still prefer the handling of my DSLR for events, portraiture, stuff like that. But mirrorless saves enough weight, and has good enough image quality, to make me take mirrorless a whole lot more serious going forward.

    Kelly Cook

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