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Discussion in 'Fuji (Fujifilm)' started by deslexia, Jul 10, 2016.

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    I have just bought a NEW X-Pro1 body for £170. It's just such a delightful camera with the extra facility of a bright line OFV viewfinder to complement the EVF, so it was impossible to ignore !

    Very much an impulse buy , I had seen one in the showcase , 3 days later it was gone , so lucky escape !
    But I asked ... and there was another new and boxed - not even ex-display !
    John Lewis lists it at £675 , so I guess I wasn't cheated .

    I don't have the money or the reason to pay £300 for a 35 f2 , so a cheap L39 adapter will facilitate my 35 f2.5 Color Scopar plus an MD adapter for the many Rokkors .

    it has many quirks , so a steep learning curve - when I can afford a lens !

    Have you ever bought a camera knowing that you can't afford a lens for it !?? LOL


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