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    I am currently owner of the bridge Panasonic Lumix FZ200 and wanted to upgrade it as i grew bored of it.

    I am an enthousiast photographer perhaps thinking of going to the next level.

    I literally fell in love and was about to buy the X-T1 from fujifilm.
    I allocated myself a budegt of about 3000AUD (2000Euros or 2200USD) with one or 2 lenses and the MEIKON underwater camera housing.

    I primiraly wanted to upgrade my Gopro for underwater shots as i am a big freediving and snorkeling fan and can't bare the thoughts of missing a great shot opportinity when my travels bring me closer to big underwater animals.

    So in that regards, and all things considered; Fujifilm X-T1 seemed to be the perfect fit... I was exctatic about it.

    ... But yesterday i was about to buy and a last read through different forums, few stuff started to bother me:

    1. Main use would be Landscape and wildlife as I am traveling the World and plan to continue to do so for while.
    All reviews i read put XT1 amongst the best (at least in my price range but even more expensive DSLRs) at landscaping but was a big no no for wildlife.
    With Africa coming up in the next few years... wildlife is primodial.

    Now most reviews are a bit outdated because Fujifilm comes out with firmware all the time to improve the camera so maybe they have improved their specs for wildlife picturing but i haven't found anything about that.

    2. The built

    Apparently a lot of people are experiencing plastic and rubber wear and tear very early in the camera's life (within few months already).

    3. Battery life is at 300 pix.

    4. Video quality. Apparently the video mode on the camera is not great compared to a lot of it's competitors.

    While i can live with problems 2 and 3... 1 and 4 (especially 1) bothers me a lot.

    So I am back at square 1.
    What to do?
    Where to luck toward and thought before restarting my research i would ask more knowledgeable people first.

    At a budget of around 3000AUD what can i expect? (Including underwater housing)
    If i have to put in an extra 1000 because it would bring me to the next level (from all around ok to damn that's starting to look good) what would you recommend me?

    I was for example thinking going full-frame instead with the Canon 6D but underwater housing are not cheap... (1800 or more AUD)
    BTW MEIKON seems to be a very competitive housing for a ultra competitive price, so dont feel like going to nauticam or ilkelite (or whatever you spell it) just yet

    Sorry for the lengthy message




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