Help please - Trying to choose between Panasonic DMC FZ200 & Sony DSC Hx200/300

Discussion in 'What Camera Should I Buy?' started by Jacknshelby, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Jacknshelby

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    I have done a fair bit of reading both here and on other review sites and still feel very conflicted about what I should get for a new camera. I guess I had hoped one would stand out but what one camera does great in one aspect it appears to lag a bit in other areas so I have to work out what areas can I accept the lag in.

    This is what I am after and prepared to spend:

    Good distance zoom
    Good stabilisation so I don’t have to use a tripod very often
    Easy to use auto options with some option to make my own choices of scene etc
    Ability to capture fast moving wildlife / pets
    General use around the home, family events etc.
    Good EVF
    Tilting or movable LCD screen for those tricky shots & self portraits
    Panorama to take those awesome scenery shots
    Good in low light / twilight shots
    HD Video option
    Sharp images with great colour
    Charging of battery not in camera
    It doesn't have to fit in my pocket but not over the top heavy
    I am prepared to spend up to $500 AUD (which is about the same USD at the moment)
    I would like Australian warranty so this may limit online purchases to those that offer that
    I love bang for my buck J

    I did give some long consideration to DSLR (Sony, Cannon & Nikon) but have essentially ruled them out as even though it may give me all the above I don't think in reality that I will chop & change lens and I don't want to waste my money on something I can't just pick up and go with because I get bored of the process of using it. This may be a better option down the track should my interest continue and I outgrow the P&S I get.

    What I am getting closer to deciding between:

    Sony DSC hx300
    Panasonic DMC FZ200

    Hoping this will get me to a final decision. Thank you,

  2. Andy Stanton

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    The Panasonic FZ200 is probably the best superzoom available, though it's the most expensive. It has the best electronic viewfinder, a large fully articulated LCD, the best low light ability, among the quickest performance, an auto panorama mode, a flash hot shoe and RAW shooting ability. The Canon SX50 also has the flash hot shoe, very good low light ability and RAW shooting ability but its viewfinder is not as good, its battery life is much shorter, its LCD is smaller and it lacks an auto panorama mode. But the SX50 does have a terrific 50x zoom, with is more than twice as long as the zoom lens in the FZ200. The Sony HX200v is very good too, though its low light performance is not the equal of the FZ200 or SX50, its viewfinder is ordinary and it lacks the flash hotshoe, RAW ability and fully articulated LCD of the other two cameras.
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