How Cloud Cameras Can Help Better Monitor Your Home?

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    If there’s a limitation to the amount of detail and data these security cameras can capture, it lies in their storage solutions. When you want your home to be under surveillance round the clock, cloud camera is the best solution to go forward because of many obvious reasons that we shall discuss today. We shall also discuss the myths and fears ranging from the cloud that shall help you make a better informed decision while planning your next security upgrade.

    What Is The Concept Behind A Cloud Camera?

    We all are aware of the cameras and clouds, individually, whereas these two together might make a little sense. Let us, therefore, call it as cameras connected to the cloud. There are several companies manufacturing gadgets that we know as IoT, and cloud cameras also belong to these kinds of gadgets. They help seamlessly connect to some storage location located miles away in a safe and secure location, such as Amazon WebServices or OneDrive. There might be many third parties, retailing cloud services tailored particularly to the Security Company you hired for the installation of the grid around or inside your home. However, with increasing ease of operation, you can setup cloud cameras all by yourself if you have access to an adequate amount of cloud storage from any provider. However, many people without a technical background might find all these things almost impossible to follow, and therefore, security companies take care of everything from front-end to the back-end.

    Thus, essentially, cloud cameras help unlimited, theoretically, amount of storage at very minimal cost than one can bear individually.

    Why Home Monitoring Needs Cloud Cameras?

    A home monitoring camera is supposed to be active and online round the clock. If you need better captures, captures during night, during rough weather, and during difficult visibility conditions outside the premises of your home, you need to install better cameras. Now, better cameras, also called by many names such as HD, FHD etc. tend to occupy more space on your hard drive because the footage or the raw samples from videos take up a lot of space. These can go up in terabytes for just a single day of all-round cover. To give perspective, the LivePhotos introduced by Apple in iPhone6s captures 4xHD that is 4K which takes up as much as 32GB for just over a minute of recording. The security cameras do not employ such high definition capturing, obviously because of impractical reasons, but still consume a lot of space when running round the clock. It is sometimes so huge that you need to remove all the data once in every month to make space for new.

    Thus, it is only natural to have home monitoring systems based on cloud cameras that can add flexibility and extend your surveillance capability. Sometimes it’s worth to store a week back records for safety reasons, which is not possible with limited self-storage capabilities. It simply isn’t practical enough and obviously adds redundant effort.

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