How Olympus lost a customer

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by kamaleon99, Sep 3, 2014.

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    I am very disappointed as I have taken my MJU 1030 SW to repair and they told me that they can not repair it. The only problem of the camera is that the screen does not work.

    Until now, I had an incredible experience with Olympus. I had broken the old camera once and was given another new model without asking. Since then I considered myself a faithful consumer of the brand and a lover. I would recommend Olympus to everyone. This was in Europe and since thenI've been using only Olympus.

    Now, in Mexico, the service has been completely different. First, they never contacted me when the service was done. And then, they told me they can't repair the camera claiming it is too expensive and it's better to buy another. That means, Olympus prefers to destroy my loved camera that I had so many trips and adventures accompanied me, and Olympus wants me to buy another new one to increase their production chain.

    I'm sorry but I feel that the camera can be repaired.

    That's not the end. They also told me that if I give back my old camera, I would get a 20% discount in the Olympus site. However, when I go to the website, they have no stock. And obviously, that 20% discount does not work with third party retailers.

    With this, I have lost all confidence in the brand and I am hesitating to buy a GO-PRO.
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