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Discussion in 'Digital Camera News' started by Guest, Jul 20, 2005.

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    When I got my hands on the HP Photosmart M417, I was anxious to try out some of HP's "technologies" that they've included on this camera. The camera features Adaptive Lighting technology from HP. The Adaptive Lighting feature, when enabled, captures two versions of an image, one exposed for the highlighted areas and one exposed to bring out details in the shadows. The camera then "merges" the two images together to achieve high detail in lowlights and keep the highlights from being overexposed. The other trick included on this camera is an in-camera red eye fix. Despite these features, the camera, while easy to use, was average when it came down to image quality.

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    Re: HP Photosmart M417 Digital Camera Review

    Nice review Ben, thanks. I have to say the back of the camera does give it away as being plastic. Dark grey look with no shine, must be plastic. But as you say, keeps the weight down and price down.

    Since using my Sony T33 I've become accustomed to the nice crisp and large LCD display...obviously because of the fact there's no viewfinder there's little choice but to. Anyway, because of this I do tend to look at the LCD display on cameras more now and find that the larger crisper displays really are quite a nice feature to have for seeing how a shot turned out and for framing one without using the viewfinder. Sounds like the M417 leaves something to be desired there. Still, for a 5.2MP camera under $250 you can only expect so much.
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