In Search Of: 4k DSLR/Mirrorless on budget.

Discussion in 'What Camera Should I Buy?' started by TombRaider, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Hi , I used to have cameras in the past for random things, but wasn't too serious. Since the advent of Smartphones like many others just have used that for a good half decade as my "picture taker"

    Today, Im seriously interested in Film /photo. I am now by the nature of my current ventures am required to acquire professional knowledge and camera equipment that suit my needs.

    I am of the philosophy that it is a waste of capital to purchase a super entry level camera , so if I'm going to drop $300 I might as well drop up to $800+, for everything I require,
    I know these cameras can be very expensive and there are so many options, I spent over 15 hours researching within last week, and finally I am here asking you the forum for final advice before I pull any triggers.

    *Currently the models i'm drawn to after my research are as follows,
    <Sony Alpha A6300
    <Panasonic G7
    <Panasonic GH4
    <Nikon A900 or D300

    but I am open to hear any and all advice., be as harsh as possible as I want to hear it how it is.

    My budget is $800

    I require.
    -To film in 4k
    -Film video indoors in an apartment with 1 or multiple people on camera interacting and moving around
    - Film Tube style Vlogs and Review style videos.
    -Film out doors in wooded / nature type areas, such as hiking /climbing trips
    - Film events such as a concert or Flea Market walkthrough.
    - Have ability to either shoot in night vision or adaptable to night vision attachment
    - * Film longer than 29.9 minutes, or can be hacked to remove that governor
    - Has adapter for a plug in surround microphone/ 3.5 jack
    - Does not easily overheat
    - Good video tracking
    - I prefer a mirrorless, but can settle .
    - Obviously needs HDMI out incase I want an Atomos Shogun.

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