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Looking for awesome Sony digital camera?

Discussion in 'What Camera Should I Buy?' started by gesek27~!, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. gesek27~!

    gesek27~! New Member

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    Hello. I'm looking to buy a new digital camera.

    I had a Sony Cybershot DSC-P10.
    It was completely awesome. Lasted from late 2001 till just a few months ago. Nearly 12.5 years with little difficulty.[​IMG]:)

    I want to buy another camera. Must be Sony, must last a decade like the one that just died. Must be awesome high quality must be similar in shape size and function to the DSC-P10.

    I've looked around and either they digicams are ugly, overpriced, get lower marks than Sony cameras and don't have the same functionality as the DSC-P10

    Looking for megapixels, rechargeable batteries, similar round shape, similar button configuration, accept modern memory sticks and last a decade or more.

    Even on Sonys wesite. I can't find anything similar to the awesome P10.

    Any help please.
  2. Andy Stanton

    Andy Stanton Super Moderator Super Moderator

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    Digital cameras have changed since your P10 was released, mostly due to new technologies. Sony produces some awesome small, point and shoot cameras (RX1, RX100) but they are quite expensive. But Sony also makes very good small cameras that, while not in the same class as the RX models, are quite good and much less expensive. The WX350 is very good, as is the older WX300. They are small, quick (except when using the flash) and have a versatile 20x zoom lens. They take excellent videos. The WX350 also has built-in WiFi and NFC (for transferring photos wirelessly). Also the WX350 has excellent battery life (twice as long as other point and shoot cameras in its class).

    Here are some photos taken with the WX300. You can expect similar quality with the WX350:
    https://www.flickr.com/search/?sort=interestingness-desc&text=wx300 sony
  3. KCook

    KCook Well-Known Member

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    Or shop around for a used RX100, instead of paying the new camera price.

    Kelly Cook

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