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    I'm looking for a good camera and was hoping some knowledgeable folks here could help me. I've done quite a bit of research online, but I feel like I need some guidance. I take pictures of outdoor scenes quite often for my job, such as landscape, hardscape, trees, plants and buildings. I was thinking some sort of point-and-shoot might do the job but I'm not sure. I need something that fits the following:

    1) cost under $500

    2) portability - I'd like something I can carry in a pocket.

    3) wide-angle shot capability.

    4) manual focus capability (I'm just assuming I need this to get interesting shots where foreground is in focus and background is blurred?)

    5) ability to manipulate photos in photoshop. Is it really that important to have RAW files, or is JPEG sufficient? I may possibly put these files on a website one day, so I need these to be high quality.

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