NEX-5 AEB - Bracketing stopped working correctly- overexosed

Discussion in 'Sony' started by schmittpeterj, Sep 27, 2015.

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    I have a Sony NEX 5, purchased as NEX-5K with 18-55 lens.

    It worked well for several years. However, beginning about 8 months ago it began to have intermittent problems with shooting in exposure bracketing mode (AEB). The symptom is that all three images taken in the sequence will be so over-exposed that the image is “washed out”. (Note that before pressing the shutter button, the image looks properly exposed.) The same issue occurs if you switch instead to HDR mode. You end up with a final image that is hopelessly overexposed.

    In all cases, if I switch to a single-shot mode. The exposure comes out as normally expected.

    I should note that when using AEB/HDR I normally use the “P” – Program Auto shoot mode. I also observe the failure in “A” and “S” modes.

    When the problem first began, it would eventually rectify itself and go back to operating properly. Initially I felt that I could “nudge” it out of its failed state by going into settings, switching back and forth between a variety of ISO and White Balance settings before returning to my preferred settings. Although eventually this routine always seemed to “fix” the camera, I may have actually been doing nothing more than passing a bit of time. Starting a week ago, the camera went from intermittent failure to total failure in AEB/HDR mode.

    When the problem first occurred the camera firmware was at level 3. As part of my process of attempting to correct the problem, I did upgrade the firmware to 5. Sadly that has not corrected the problem at all.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?

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