Optio A40/Common Screen Problems?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by Danni, Aug 18, 2009.

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    I bought mine on 01.04.2009

    It has worked well and I have taken some 600+ pics and done a fair amount of editing with them in the short 4 months since I bought it.

    It's been snapping away beautifully at the top of the snow covered Cairngorms and then around sunny Kent within no time and, here, there and everywhere in between. I hardly left home without it!

    I've had a few focusing problems, but usually have the opportunity to take several, then later on delete any that are blurred. In all honesty my last (Sony Coolpix) was no worse.

    However, I was carrying mine around inside a camera pouch secured to my belt some 2 weeks ago and when I took it out to take a pic, the screen had gone! There is no damage to the screen itself (No sign of impact, sharp object, puntures etc) and I have never dropped it. However, it has the appearence of a cracked mobile phone screen and looks like an oil slick moving around inside.

    I have now found reviews of this model stating the same problems further escalated when trying to find resolve through Pentax with replacement screens going wrong in the same way, or pentax pushing blame onto customers claiming they have misused the product.

    I concidered this a great little camera that I had just got to replace, but that's not what I am reading on the web :(

    I shall be taking it back to the store tomorrow, who inturn will send it back to Pentax no doubt...

    Anyone else experienced similar?
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