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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by karl6, Sep 23, 2008.

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    The K-m marks the 1st good looking Pentax DSLR for me. I never care for the mono-top LCD much. In the film days, it is the only way to see your information and is required. But today with massive 2.5 - 3" LCD, I can get more visual information without straining my eyes.

    I believe Konica Minolta 5D was the 1st DSLR ditching the top LCD, followed by Rebel XTi, then Nikon finally got into the act with their D40/D40x/D60 lines. I'm glad Pentax is finally on board. If you want to sell well in this entry-level market, ditching the old look is required.

    Serious Professional camera will probably always retained their top mono-lcd:
    the Canon 5DII, Canon 50D, Nikon D700/D300/D90, Pentax K20 etc...

    But entry-level should shred this bulk for smaller design, like the:

    Canon XSi/XS, Nikon D40/D40x/D60, Olympus 420/520, Sony A200, and now Pentax K-m.

    I hope the USD price is reasonable, I buy one to see how the pentax world feel like.

    Here is a nice place for exploring Pentax K-m: Pentax K2000 / K-m info page
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