Powershot S100 died: RX100 IV worth the price?

Discussion in 'Sony' started by debguy, Nov 28, 2016.

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    my Canon Powershot S100 that I bought in 2012 [1] just died due to the infamous "lens error", so I'm looking for a replacement.
    My shooting profile hasn't really changed over time, so I'm still looking for a pocketable camera that is able to make acceptable to good photos of moving targets in low light conditions. A typical example would be a ballroom evening with dancing people.
    The S100 was considered one of the best cameras for that scenario back then. Without zooming and some basic post-processing I found it was just up to the task.

    I'm considering the RX100 series in general because it would still fit into my pocket (although it's already pushing my upper limit) and it has a quite big sensor for a camera of it's size. The model IV already has the "stacked CMOS sensor" [2] which I hope would improve the abilities to get good pictures in bad light, and I think the features of the model V aren't really that relevant to me to justify the even higher price.

    Friends of mine who often attend the same ballroom partys have a Canon EOS M10 (small interchangeable) and an EOS 650 (small DSLR) and I like the picture quality of both cameras.
    So my main question here is, where should I expect the pictures of the RX100 IV to show up compared to the other three cameras I know (S100, EOS 650, EOS M10)? I know both of the EOS would still be superior, but would the RX100 IV be closer to the S100 or closer to the M10?

    btw: I've also considered to just move to the Powershot S120 or S200, but since Canon has changed the battery format since the S100 (NB-5L vs. NB-6LH), that doesn't look too attractive to me, because I couldn't reuse my old batteries anyway.

    [1] http://forum.digitalcamerareview.co...th-fast-focus-for-bad-light-conditions.42427/
    [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Back-illuminated_sensor

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