Sigma DP1 Firmware Update v1.03

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    Sigma has released another firmware update for their large-sensor compact digital camera, the Sigma DP1. This latest version (v1.03) adds the following:

    • ISO 50 setting added to the ISO menu
    • Grid Display will now show display icons
    • The pre-flash time in red-eye reduction mode has been shortened

    Sigma provides a "note" about the use if the ISO 50 setting. They warn that the ISO 50 setting has a narrower dynamic range capability than the ISO 100 setting.

    In shots where there is a high dynamic range, Sigma recommends using Spot metering on the brightest part of the image and then tweaking exposure using EV controls. Also, the Auto Bracketing function can help out as well.

    For landscapes at ISO 50, Sigma highly recommends using manual (M) mode, but in "normal" shots, the basic Program Auto, Shutter Priority, and Aperture Priority modes will work just fine with matrix metering and a -0.3 EV compensation if you need.

    The previous firmware update (v1.02) was released last month, you can read more about that here.

    To download and get instructions to apply the latest update: Sigma DP1 Software Download

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