The lens specs of roxor !

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    Let’s discuss some details about ROXOR lens specs.

    FOV is short for Field of View which means that part of the world that is visible through the camera at a particular position and orientation in space. The figure below can easily explain this concept.

    Elements are the individual pieces of glass used in the construction of lens. If the adjacent elements have same function,they can be called a group.

    Unlike other sports camera using cheap hard resin or plastic as material of their lenses, ROXOR adopts high quality glass which can bring better light transmittance, higher refractive index and of course excellent image quality. Glass lenses are extremely complicated to manufacture. Chunks of glass were cut into small pieces and then it took hours for a small piece being grinded and polished to become one element. The cost of each element is almost 3 times higher than hard resin or plastic lenses.

    Aspheres are also used in the ROXOR lens to alter distortion. Asphere is a lens whose surface profiles are not portions of a sphere or cylinder. Distortion is a lens effect which caused images to be deformed. Barrel distortion can be commonly seen on wide angel lenses used by current sports cameras. By using aspheres, ROXOR can effectively correct barrel distortion to make the images more natural.


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