Thinking of getting Sekonic L-308S as first light meter? Do I need aperture mode?

Discussion in 'Lenses and Accessories' started by keano12, Jan 6, 2015.

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    I have seen a lot of great reviews for the Sekonic L-308S. It doesn't have aperture priority mode is that an issue? Would the L-478D be better? Sorry I know what aperture mode is on the camera but on the light meter in aperture mode it is giving a reading if you want to shoot with a shallow DOF say F2.0 it will give you the results for that?

    If I use the Sekonic L-308S which only has shutter priority isn't it just a matter of just doing math? Like if results come back at 1/160, f5.6, 200.... I could just reduce the aperture 2 stop and bump up the shutter speed 3 stop?

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