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Discussion in 'What Camera Should I Buy?' started by GoBirds, Dec 13, 2012.

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    I have just gotten into taking photos and videos in the last ~18 months. I currently own a Canon ELPH 300 HS. It is a quite a nice, tiny camera that takes nice stills in proper light and equally good video in 1080p.

    The reasons for me wanting to upgrade include:

    - Want more manual control (doesn't have to be full manual operations though)

    - Would like something that offers better IQ for stills

    - Would like a FAST autofocus

    - Mechanical/manual focus AND adjustable aperture would be awesome

    - Would like some zoom, but this is not mandatory like those listed above

    I have just learned about RAW shooting, unsure what that entirely entails...not sure if I would be able to fully take advantage of it.

    I have been researching superzooms like the Canon SX40 HS, interchangeables like the Canon 1 V1 and others of both types. (just so happens I can get either of those two for $299 right now, but open to the others).

    I take portrait photos and landscape photos when I am mountain biking, running, rock climbing and vacation shots including the caribbean, mountains, etc.

    BUDGET: I would like to stay around $400, BUT I am willing to spend upwards of $600.
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    Raw shooting eliminates the effects applied to your image by the camera's processor. It's good to use if you like to spend time playing with your photos on the computer.
    The SX40 HS is a fine ultrazoom but it's not going to give you appreciably better image quality than your Elph 300 because it uses essentially the same sensor. To get better image quality you'll need a camera with a larger sensor. The SX40 will give you a very long 35x zoom lens and manual focus as well as full manual control over shutter speed and aperture. The SX40 does not have raw capability. Here's a link to this website's review:
    Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Review: A Formidable Ultrazoom

    The 1v1 is a Nikon product, not a Canon. It uses interchangeable lenses. It's a smaller camera than the SX40 but much larger than your Elph 100. With its lens attached it's too large to fit in a pocket. The 1v1 does have better image quality than your Elph 300 because its sensor is much larger. It also has manual focus, manual control over shutter speed and aperture and raw ability. It comes with a fine electronic viewfinder but lacks a flash - you'll have to buy one separately. The 1v1 has few buttons and dials and requires accessing the menu for most things including setting shutter speed and aperture. Here are some sample images:
    nikon 1 v1 - Flickr: Search

    While the Nikon 1v1 is a fine camera, the Sony NEX cameras are generally considered to be the finest small cameras with interchangeable lenses. The NEX F3 is more expensive than the 1v1 but is still below $500. Its sensor is much larger than the one in the Nikon 1v1 and its image quality is better. The NEX F3 has all the features of the 1v1 except it lacks a viewfinder. It does have a very high quality, tilting LCD and it has a built-in flash.
    Here are some sample images from the NEX F3:
    sony nex f3 - Flickr: Search
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