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    Hello everyone, i can call myself an amateur with an artists eye in photography, with mere point-and-shoot experience.

    I am trying to lift the quality of my photos by buying a new camera and spend endless hours, days, months, in fact already more or less a year doing online and in-store research on what might suit my needs and my budget.

    So i'll start with the budget: around 600 Euro's plus or minus.

    Body overall: pocketable (i don't mean pants pockets, but say coat pocket or a small bag, camera should be below 400 grams in weight in ready to shoot mode).

    I'd like to go for a MFT or APS-C sensor size.

    Not sure about lenses, fixed, removable, zoom or flat, but prefer something crisp and small in size and weight. (i mostly do landscape, macro but would also like to do wider angle indoor shots, i try to keep peoples faces out of my photos for respect of privacy, so street photography not my thing unless it's buildings and graffiti etc.)

    Let me bring up some of the cameras i have found so far, but did not buy because of various reasons:

    Panasonic has a few that looked real good on paper within my criteria: LX100, did not buy because a bit to bulky and has NO USB CHARGING (this turns me off quite a bit, so used to just leave the camera plugged into my lappy after uploading all photos and let it recharge via USB while i do the editing, removing a battery always triggers a reset of time and date, just to inconvenient). Next up the GX80 (or elsewhere called GX85), also a bit bulky, still in the running. There where also 2 other models from Panasonic, one with interchangable lenses one with a fixed ultra zoom lens.

    Now coming to the real crux. I discovered the Ricoh GR II, and i was impressed by the crisp images even at full size viewing edge to edge. It is a pocketable size camera of reasonable weight - but it has a fixed lens, and that's what i later rad in forums from to many people "dust can enter through the retractable fixed lens and get onto the sensor"!! Now that is something i absolutely don't want in a camera that costs 700 bucks!

    What a shame, there goes my fav camera. My current point and shooter, an old Kodak EasyShare has the exacts same problem, eventually dust ended up on the sensor, and because the lens can't be removed to get access to the sensor and clean it it's basically game over for all such fixed lens cameras, or are there some that are well built enough to keep duct out??

    The Fujifilm X70 was my next thing, similar to the Ricoh GR, but the photo quality just can't match the Ricoh GR, colors maybe a bit nicer, but sharpness is nowhere near the Ricoh.

    So, am i left with no other choice than to eventually buy a camera with removable lens so i can clean the sensor if there should be any dust on it??

    If so, what would be a good choice within my budget??
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    Oh, i sure can start to get into the details on what i want (or don't want).
    Let me start with the 1 thing i don't want anymore, and that is any camera with a fixed on lens, because they eventually get dirt onto the sensor and since you can't remove the lens and clean the sensor easily you are pretty much screwed with such a thing, and i really don't understand why these camera manufacturers sell crap like this instead of coming up with an idea to also make compact camera sensors cleanable!!

    So, next thing i don't want is a huge heavy piece of equipment, hence DSLR's are out the window as well!

    Now to the remaining rest.
    Mirrorless interchangable lens cameras MILC (not to be mistaken with MILK please :)
    Budget .. say no more than 700 Euro bucks (or about the same in USD or a bit more of that in CAD) which rules out some of the high end MILC's.

    So, we have Olympus MFT models - i can't stand their super tiny text endless menu system, that and the generally higher weight of their cameras is a bit of a turn off for me.
    On MFT's we than have Panasonics, i looked high and wide at those, mainly also becuase some few of their models have in-body battery charging charging, something i prefer because less peripherals are better peripherals and the way i work it takes usually a bit less time to recharge my battery plugged into the pc than it takes to edit the load f images of any given shoot.
    Some of the better Pana's, like the GX7 or GX80 are already to heavy for my taste. The brandnew GX800 would be my size weight and has in-body charging plus 4k video and so on, but the reviews are not exactly raving and the weird kit lens is basically no better than a backup lens so i would have extra cost and extra lenses i don't care for.
    Honestly, out of the Pana line i liked that GF6 the most, but i fear it is a bit out of date and the performance, especially auto focus and IQ may not be that great?? Otherwise, that one is cheap enough to buy one good lens with it and be done, but what kind of lens??

    Lenses, i saw a Rokinon, i think 22mm or so (exactly 35mm equiv.) that has a near 100% field of vision, that sounds pretty much perfect, the lens can see what the eye see's i assume?? That one is only for APS-C sensors and maybe even only for the Canon M series though, not for Panas.

    Which brings me to that Canon M3 for instance, the imgs i see on Flickr are GREAT! Unfortunately most of them are photoshopped, so i do not know exactly how good or bad the UOC jpegs would look like (i somehow have the idea that the photo as it comes out of the camera (if shot to perfection) is the best a photo can be, every editing is "manipulation" ... but i know it can also be art.

    Anyway, that Canon M3 too has weeknesses that i am not so sure about, slow auto focus is a bit anoining when you look at what smartphone cameras can do these days, same goes for video functions, but for mere IQ this Canon is still in my sight.

    There are some low end Fujifilm models that do take great pics too (IQ is really what i am after), but Canon is said to have best color rendering, something i am totally in for. With the Fuji's i read some less exiting stuff in the forum's and reviews, their kit lens on the low end mirrorless APS-C models seems to suffer from breaking ribbon syndrome in that lens and the reviews on the "famous" Fuji colors are all over the place, some hail it as the best and others call them outright dull or flat, what can you make of that??

    What else is there left over??
    Oh, Sony, oh yes, some great technology, but i think it's the color reproduction i don't like about those Sony's, very weird, the world biggest sensor producer and yet, their own cameras (in smart phones at least) are usually half as good as the images off the same Sony sensors in other brands, so, for whatever reason, Sony ranks somewhat towards the end for me at present and there's only the A5100 or the aging A6000 within my budget range in MILC's anyway...

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