Users Speak Out: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

Discussion in 'Digital Camera News' started by David Rasnake, May 22, 2009.

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    If you're shopping for an ultrazoom, chances are you've taken a long look at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28. An update to Panasonic's popular FZ18, the FZ28 features a 10.1 megapixel sensor coupled with an 18x, 27-486mm zoom lens.


    Panasonic's popular Intelligent Auto functionality and advanced video capture round out what has proven itself to be a highly versatile camera. It may not have the longest zoom lens, the best viewfinder, or the flashiest screen on the planet, but a combination of solid performance and mid-tier pricing have made this model popular among serious photographers and advancing amateurs alike.

    So well-liked is the FZ28, in fact, that we couldn't find any reviewer willing to give this model a thumbs down in this month's Users Speak Out feature. That's not to say the camera is perfect, however: excessive noise at relatively modest ISOs and some usability quirks were common complaints. But the fact that no reviewer rated the FZ28 lower than a seven out of ten lends support to the idea that Panasonic's flagship ultrazoom is one of the most versatile, functional long-zoom cameras on the market, and users heaped praised on the FZ's Leica-branded lens in particular for the sharp, smooth shots it produces.

    The FZ28 has been one of our most highly recommended mid-priced ultrazooms since its launch last year, but don't take our word for: here's a sampling of why our readers give this Lumix high marks as well.

    [​IMG] Great compact alternative to a DSLR

    Submitted by Wildcard83 on 9/4/2008

    PROS: Very good auto mode. All pictures, except ones with very tough lighting, turn out fine. Great lens! Fast and no distortion visible! HD resolution in video mode, and zoom-ability during video mode! Very lightweight.

    CONS: Still expensive (new model). Usual noise in ISO 800 and above. Almost too lightweight (feels flimsy?).


    [​IMG] Very happy with it so far

    Submitted by Naser on 11/3/2008

    PROS: Picture quality, HD movie, very good 18x zoom, good pictures in low light, many features, simple menu.

    CONS: Little bit expensive.


    [​IMG] All great except for most important feature...

    Submitted by Thingy on 5/7/2009

    PROS: Set everything on auto and you can't go far wrong. Colour rendition as usual is a little off, but it is fixable. Many advanced features will keep most people busy experimenting for quite a while. Lens quality is superb, faster than my $1600, 300mm lens on a DSLR.

    CONS: Just one, for me MAJOR drawback. Don't even think of trying to use manual focus in any kind of action situation, using an LCD screen or digital viewfinder to fine focus is difficult at best, but when you take away the focus ring on the lens and replace it with a cheap and nasty so-called joystick, as I said don't even think about it!


    [​IMG] Brilliant, reliable, great pictures

    Submitted by Wolfy8 on 2/17/2009

    PROS: Great lens, auto distortion control with JPEGs, iA mode, easy to use.

    CONS: Noise control is generally good but a larger sensor for the next iteration (no extra pixels!) would be beneficial but would probably need a lens re-design to accommodate.


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