What is the best TTL transmitter for Rovelight and Nikon D750?

Discussion in 'Lenses and Accessories' started by keano12, Jan 6, 2015.

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    I am trying to keep a clean simple set up. I read this:

    UPDATE - There appears to be some issues between the Nikon YN-622N and TRS transmitter when mounting as shown below. For some reason the TRS transmitter may not consistently fire in this configuration. So with Nikon it may be necessary to also attach a YN-622N as receiver to the RoveLight itself. And only mount the YN-622N or YN-622N-TX on the camera hotshoe. The TRS transmitter then held in hand then to control the RoveLight power levels. - See more at: FLASHPOINT – RoveLight RL-600 – Hands on Review | FLASH HAVOC

    Rovelight HSS

    The Nikon D750 has no PC Link. Is there a simple way using any transmitter for HSS with the Rovelights.
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