What's a good beginner lens?

Discussion in 'Lenses and Accessories' started by Simple1DEA, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Just bought an Olympus E-M10 body only.

    Looking for a beginner lens with decent stability and focusing. Also I hope to keep it for a long time.

    Should be an all-round, more than decent but cheap lens. I'm not that literate with cameras. I'm looking to take interior (low-light?) photos, not sure if the lens makes a difference.
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    "Interiors" usually means an extra wide angle. At least when you are trying to show the whole room. For the M4/3 lens range there are hardly any extra wide angle lenses for a low budget. The one I use is the Panasonic 12-32:


    If you meant normal shots of people, etc, not the whole room, then start with the 14-42mm kit lens that normally comes with the camera. There are faster prime lenses for low light. But being primes you have to take care to get the right focal length. And that focal length will be shown by your experience with the kit zoom.

    Kelly Cook

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