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    Hi all,

    AndyI see that you have the Canon A720, as do I. I am looking to upgrade and like this poster, I want something for good kid shots.

    I have trouble in low light as well and am leanring about more manual modes to help reduce use of flash and allow for quicker photos. I was looking at the Canon SX130 but I am not sold. I want faster continuous and just improved performance overall. Love my 720 but it is getting beat up and time to pass it to my 3 year old. I will continue to learn about using P and Av modes.

    Price less than $400, size doesnt matter, want good pic quality, speed, and usability. Like Canon but open to other brands. Thanks so much, Jessica

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    Default Re: Fast Camera To Take Kids' Shots

    The A720IS was considered a great point and shoot camera in its time and is still good for certain types of shots. But speed is not one of its strong points.

    For small, quick, reasonably priced cameras with good image quality, I like the Canon Elph 300 HS and the Elph 310 HS as well as the Sony WX9. They don't have the manual control options of your Canon A720, however.

    Moving up in price the Canon SX230 HS, Sony HX9v, Panasonic ZS8, Casio ZR100 and Fuji F600EXR have long zoom lenses, quick operation and good image quality. They are large for pocket cameras but have good image quality and movie ability. They also allow manual control of aperture and shutter speed.

    If you don't mind a larger size camera, the Panasonic FZ47 and FZ150 have very long zoom lenses, take great looking pictures and are very quick. The FZ150 has more options and is better in low light. The Sony HX100v and Canon SX40 HS are also very good. All these cameras have full manual exposure controls as well as electronic viewfinders.
    Panasonic FZ28
    Canon Elph 330 HS



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