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    Default Real Estate Appraiser Looking for "Perfect" Camera

    I am a real estate appraiser and take a lot of pictures. Some still and simple and some from moving vehicle. I have been using the same Sony DSC-P30 for about 11 years, so anything would be an upgrade. Looking for a reasonably small size camera with reasonable specs. Since most of my work is uploaded or emailed, I tend to keep the picture quality settings low, so almost anything would work in that case. Some of my main considerations would be to have a wide angle (24-28mm), high speed or burst rate and would love to have one that can use AA batteries due to being in field and being easier to swap out with some AAs if needed. I know and have found that AA cameras are few and far between. I have found some that fit the bill other than the AA requirement. Any thoughts on possible cameras to consider that might fit all these requirements. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Default Re: Real Estate Appraiser Looking for "Perfect" Camera

    Almost all small cameras produced at the present time run on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Nikon and Canon still produce a few small cameras that run on AA's. Nikon has its small "L" series camera, the current version of which is the L26. Canon has some low-end Powershots, of which the current versions are the A810 and the A1300. All three take good looking pictures, especially outdoors. All three make you wait about 3 seconds between taking pictures without the flash and over 6 seconds with the flash enabled. They take about 1-2 shots per second in continuous shooting mode. They all have a wide angle lens.

    Here are some sample images:
    Nikon L26
    nikon l26 - Flickr: Search

    Canon A1300
    canon a1300 - Flickr: Search

    Canon A810 (pictures from the A800)
    canon a800 - Flickr: Search
    Panasonic FZ28
    Canon Elph 330 HS

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    Default Re: Real Estate Appraiser Looking for "Perfect" Camera

    I would go for an Olympus PEN PL2 with Olympus 9-18mm M.Zuiko zoom. Does not use AA however. Body plus lens would total about $900 (USD).

    Kelly Cook
    Olympus PL2, Canon EOS 50D, Fujifilm F45fd, various film dinosaurs



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