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    Default Which one to buy?

    Hey all, glad to finally have joined this forum...I see some similar threads out there but none to seem to have a definitive answer

    I want to get my gf a good camera (I think she has a Canon Powershot now), she enjoys photography and would hardly be considered an amateur photographer (she isn't), but enjoys taking a good picture.

    Something that works well when moving fast in a car, takes fast pictures, and in low light (indoor and outdoor)...example, we were in the basement of a winery (obviously a little dark with a few overhead chandeliers that gave off very little light), and the pictures came out blurry and awful, good nature pictures, etc.

    Not sure a digital point and shoot is the way to go? Would she NEED a camera with a lens of some sort? Just need something that can fit in her purse

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, prefer around $400 but can spend more if needed

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    Default Re: Which one to buy?

    So in that basement even your FLASH shots came out blurry and awful? The little purse size cameras have flash for a reason. You can try to do this without flash, but it will take more $$ and skill than just letting the flash fire.

    Kelly Cook
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    Default Re: Which one to buy?

    The Sony Cyber-shot HX20v is one of the quickest, small cameras around that's also good in low light and is available for under $300. Its picture quality will decline as the light gets low, but not to the degree you'll find in most point and shoot cameras. As Kelly pointed out, using a flash is often the best alternative in low light.

    Here are some images from the HX20v:
    hx20v - Flickr: Search
    Panasonic FZ28
    Canon Elph 330 HS



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