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    Default Which camera for first born baby...

    Hi all,

    I am currently 5 months pregnant and as this is my first born baby I am really excited and want to get the best camera possible in order to take those all important first baby pictures.

    My ideal budget is around 150 euro (about 200 USD) but I am somewhat flexible on that... I can stretch it to 300 euro (400 USD) for an absolutely amazing camera. It is my first born after all.

    I have no knowledge/experience as a photographer and haven't actually owned a camera for the last 12 years (the last camera I owned was a film camera). My husband does own a Fujifilm finepix F30 6.3MP, which I know was a great little camera when it first came out, but I believe that there cameras out there now which are much better. And pictures taken with it always seem slightly "foggy" (for lack of a better word)

    A friend of mine is an amateur photographer and a camera collector so he knows a fair bit about camera's. So I asked him for advice on which camera to buy and he recommended the Olympus Pen E-PM1. As this camera is towards the ceiling of my budget, I need to know for sure that it is right for me. Which is why I am posting on this forum.

    My main concern about this camera are:

    Is it too advanced for my photography skills?
    Is it possible to take quick snaps with it? (i.e. kid does something cute take picture NOw!!!)

    I've also read on quite a few forums that rather than upgrading a camera you should upgrade your photography skills and knowledge. (don't blame the tools, blame the carpenter) So I do wonder if my "dislike" for the finepix is down to my ineptitude or if that camera is truly worth an upgrade.

    Are pictures made with the PEN going to be dramatically better than the finepix?

    Now that I've explained my needs a bit, which alternative cameras would you recommend?
    Or do you agree with my friend that the Olympus PEN truly is the best camera out there at the moment that is somewhat within my budget?

    I should add that I am highly likely to need a camera in order to take detailed pictures of clothing as well and I am not adverse to learning a bit more about photography either.

    thanks for all your advice and input


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    Default Re: Which camera for first born baby...

    The PEN may well be more advanced than your skills, right now. But if you take any interest in photography that will change quickly. Quick snaps are possible, but only in the manual modes. At least the PEN does have manual controls, that you can learn to use. The PEN pictures will not be dramatically better, immediately. As you settle in with the PEN the pictures will improve, though I would not go so far as "dramatically". Dramatically really only comes with cameras costing 4X the PEN price, plus photographic lighting equipment, plus a year or so of experience. The PEN would be a reasonable step in that direction. It has a hotshoe for that lighting.

    Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony make cameras in the same class as the PEN. Personally the PEN would still be my preference. Sounds to me like your friend knows his stuff.

    Kelly Cook
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    Default Re: Which camera for first born baby...

    The Pen is much better than the Fuji F30 in many ways, but it's also a bit complicated for a complete novice photographer. For one thing it uses interchangeable lenses, which do not collapse into the camera as is the case with point and shoots. Also its lens requires a lens cap, which must be removed before shooting. Further, it does not contain a built-in flash as the flash unit must be inserted into the hotshoe. With the lens and flash added to the camera, it becomes bulky - certainly not pocket-sized.

    A better camera for you might be a point and shoot with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor. I recently purchased an inexpensive Canon Elph 110 HS, a tiny point and shoot with the back-illuminated CMOS sensor that does pretty well in low light without a flash and very well in good light. I've really liked the Elph as it's simple to use and great for the sudden, impulsive shot. My only complaint is that, when the flash is used, the camera takes a good 3-4 seconds to recharge. But I've rarely had to use the flash because the camera does surprisingly well in low light.

    No, the Elph 110 HS is not nearly the camera the Olympus E-PM1 is, but it might meet your needs better.

    Here are some sample images from the Canon Elph 110 HS (also known as Ixus 125 hs):

    canon ixus 125 hs - Flickr: Search
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    Default Re: Which camera for first born baby...

    Thanks for your input!



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