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  • Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i

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    Question ,

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    Default Re: Upgrading to an EOS/Rebel DSLR or a Nkon DSLR...

    Since you have experience using the Canon EOS 550D and like it, I think it makes sense to stay with Canon. As far as image quality is concerned, when comparing SLR cameras the photographer's skill is much more important to the quality of the photo than the particular camera that's being used.

    As to which package would be best for you, the question you have to address is how much do you want to immediately start doing the more specialized sort of photography you want to do? If you bought the more expensive package (a 650D or a 700D) and had to wait awhile until you could afford additional lenses and accessories, would you still enjoy using your camera in the interim? If the answer is yes, I recommend buying the more expensive camera.
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    Default Re: Upgrading to an EOS/Rebel DSLR or a Nkon DSLR...

    I have an older Canon, I don't feel that the "old" Digic version is holding me back at all. But I do shoot mostly RAW. For JPG or video the latest processor will often have a slight edge. I know that first DSLR is a tough choice, many of us have "been there" at some time. At least you have some experience with the 550D to guide you, most first timers don't have that benefit. A few random thoughts:

    Close-ups - Nice, bright liveview is sometimes a help. If you are getting so close that you are in macro range, Canon macro gear can be a better value.

    Portraits - Canon fans like their skin tones straight out of the camera. If you using RAW this difference becomes moot, in RAW you can put color tones anywhere you want with the photo editor.

    Night - Often means fast primes, Nikon has a few fast primes that beat Canon for value.

    Street - Advanced street shooters often go manual control, especially for focus. How easily a camera works for manual focus depends on how good the viewfinder is, and the MF action of the lens. So this is going to break down to specific body / lens combinations.

    Image quality - Advanced shooters will get equal RAW quality with any brand. When differences are seen, those differences usually happen because the auto controls were used instead of manual, and / or the image is JPG instead of RAW.

    I agree with Andy that a long view should be taken. Buy into the system you expect to keep you happy for years to come. Instead of worrying a lot about how many lenses you can buy in this first pass.

    Interesting that you included the new 100D design. Should be nice for travel, due to the light weight. I got a separate camera for this mission, happens to be an even lighter mirrorless model.

    My Canon has exposure simulation in liveview. Big whoop, I much prefer to rely on the highlight warning and histogram for fine tuning the exposure.

    You are perfectly right, each of these cameras has its own quirks.

    Kelly Cook
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