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    Default Looking for a nice digital camera

    Hello. Im looking for a nice digital camera. So far i have been looking at the fuji x10, pentax mx-1 and the nikon Nikon coolpix P7700. These are just a few i have looked at.

    I would like to keep it under $400 + taxesfor the price range.
    Im looking for nice pictures and nice video(Full HD)
    Works great in low light
    Reasonable zoom but prefer more

    If anyone here has any suggestions please let me know. So far i really like the Fuji x10 even tho it a couple years old i find it very interesting

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    Default Re: Looking for a nice digital camera

    The class of cameras you're looking at are high quality point and shoots, which have a large sensor for superior image quality. Most of them have very moderate optical zoom ability, to keep the camera's size and weight relatively low.

    The three cameras you mentioned, the Fuji X-10, Pentax MX-1 and Nikon P7700 are all excellent. The Fuji is the only one with a viewfinder (though not a very good one) and the Nikon has the longest optical zoom. All three take good looking images and video, even in low light. Plus they have manual exposure controls and can shoot in RAW mode.

    Other similar cameras you may want to consider are the Canon S110 and Panasonic LF1, which have the image and movie quality and features of the other three. The Canon and Panasonic also have built-in WiFi capability. The Canon S110 is much smaller and lighter than the others while the Panasonic LF1 is also small and lightweight and has a long optical zoom and a nice electronic viewfinder.
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    Default Re: Looking for a nice digital camera

    Casio camera is better.The lens are super.The pictures and video are taken in better.The cost is low.



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