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    Default what camera should I buy answers

    I reviewed the question you had and said to post answers here for help choosing rights camera for me

    I am looking for a DSLR--don't want to pay thousands of dollars for one so mid price range. I like to take photo's of everything landscape, people streets/alleys door knobs some macro. would like to print photo;s but probably nothing larger than 11x16--I do like the scene modes and the manual, aperture, shutter panning setting are a most. the megapixels are not that important but don't want real low as for the zoom would want the optical rather than digital zoom good size sensor do want the image stabilizer , LCD and want it to do both RAW and JPEG--i do post on social networks but the wifi isn't that important since i can put SD card in computer or use camera cord however not ruling it out.

    I want one with good wide angle lens.

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    Default Re: what camera should I buy answers

    Two very good relatively low priced DSLR's are the Nikon D3200 and the Canon SL1. The Canon is smaller and lighter in weight but the Nikon is also small for a dslr. Both have very good image quality and are quick performers.
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