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    Default Basic camera for the wife

    Looking for a decent quality camera for my wife. Need something compact and would like a good zoom and decent photo quality. Camera is used on family vacations, birthdays, kids events ect. Not at all concerned about features as she probably will never take it off of auto. She keeps the pictures on her Mac so if there is a way to auto transfer so she didn't have 5000 pictures on the camera that would be good. Battery life is not a huge deal but what is nice is if a camera takes standard AA batteries as opposed to bat pack. Can always carry extra batteries then, but this also is not a major issue. Budget is a concern. Would definitely have to be under $300. Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Basic camera for the wife

    For easy photo transfer she'll want a camera with built-in WiFi. There are quite a few good pocket-size cameras under $300 with wifi and a long zoom lens, but none have AA batteries. Consider the Canon SX280, Sony WX300, Nikon S9500, Fuji F900exr, Olympus SH50 and Samsung WB800. All have good image quality and are quick performers. The Sony is the smallest and lightest in weight, but all are fairly small. They range in zoom from 20x to 24x (the Olympus SH50). All take HD movies.
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